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Fic: Easy Rider (Mishima/Kageyama)

Hi! I come bearing fic that I wrote... ages ago. I've just been shy about jumping into this fandom for some reason. :/ Well, anyway...

Title: Easy Rider
Pairing: Mishima/Kageyama
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Mishima's not very nice about it. :/
Summary: Mishima has another job for Kageyama before he goes to kidnap Drake's partner... (PWP. Missing scene from, I think? I'd look, but then I'd end up watching all of Kabuto again)

Of all his subordinates, there was none better than Kageyama. Mishima barely had to ask to get him on his knees and panting...Collapse )
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Hoppers fic, anyone?

I can't be the only one that thinks it's a shame that no one has posted here in such a long time... or how relatively little Hoppers fic is written. Right? :D/

Title: Yaguruma's Hell
Author: Mura ([info]gekidasa)
Pairing: Yaguruma/Kageyama
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for the later part of Kabuto
Summary: Yaguruma knew it was the pendants that were making Kageyama sick, and that he had to get them away from him somehow.

He didn't need respect or recognition or power or a roof over his head. All he needed was Kageyama at his side.

Flesh Wound
Author: Mura ([info]gekidasa)
Pairing: Yaguruma/Kageyama
Rating: PG13ish :D
Summary: Yaguruma has Kageyama tend to the wound in his arm.
Notes: A friend and I were lamenting the lack of bright-eyed Kageyama following Yaguruma around in God Speed Love, so I said I'm sure he's around somewhere. Also, we've declared the movieverse a dystopia where Zect's Riders are free to do anything they want... including shacking up with their favorite cute subordinate. ¦D

Kageyama turned his eyes back to Yaguruma's wound. Then slowly and deliberately leaned in close, pursing his lips to blow lightly on it.

Comments appreciated. :D
Crossposted (both links lead to the fics at hero_chronicle).

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An introduction and a fic

Hi, everyone! This will be my first time posting on this community. I prefer to go by Yume, if you don't mind. :3

My introduction and thoughts on the show (possible Kabuto spoilers)Collapse )

Also, I finished a Yaguruma/Kageyama slash fic recently and posted it on This seems to be the format I've seen most people post their fics in, so... here we go. ^^ Because I'm lazy, I just made the title the link.

Title: The Light Betrays
Author: Yumenotenshi07
Word Count: 1,657
Rating: Teen (PG-13)
Author's Notes: Not sure of an exact time setting for this, but it's somewhere between episodes 35 and 48 (helpful, huh?). I think most of the important info can be found in my notes on the fic.
Summary: (pasted straight from "After being thrown out of ZECT, Yaguruma Sou fell into a solitary darkness, before taking Kageyama Shun under his wing. Both outcasts without a path, can the two men find comfort in one another? One shot Yaguruma/Kageyama slash. Rated T for language."
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Icka! M. Chif
Four Fanfics.

... I just realised I should be posting ficcage here. Hi. Sorry. I'm slow. More ficcage later.

Title: Masked Rider Kabuto – Earth Logic
Author: Icka! M. Chif
Word Count: 7,605
Rating: Teen
Author Notes: I have seen, in order, episodes 1-4, 47-49, Hyper Battle, 36, 43-46 and 5-9. Therefore, there are holes in my understanding of the plot and the characters. Apologies. Written over the past three days, unbeta’d like whoa, please point out corrections and errors.
Summary: Post series. "You'll be staying at my house while I'm in France."

Tendou says like it's the most natural thing in the world.

Title: Koi
Author: Icka! M. Chif
Word Count: 250
Rating: Teen for a filthy mind
Author Notes: Originally a Comment fic for Lazulisong, based off of some scenes in Hyper Battle, a good re-cap of the series.
Summary: “Did you get into a fight with Kagami-kun again, Oniichan?”

It wasn't Souji's fault that Kagami was dense.

Title: Bug Zapper
Author: Icka! M. Chif
Series: Campus Cops Duklyon / Kamen Rider Kabuto / Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu
Word Count: 1,300
Rating: General
Warnings: CRACK.
Author Notes: at the bottom
Summary: “We’re not supposed to go in there.”

crackity crack Crack CRACK.

Title: Dress Up
Author: Icka! M. Chif
Word Count: 4,141
Rating: Mature-ish for guys thinking with their little heads
Warnings: Yaoi, crossdressing and motorcycle-kink.
Author Notes: Slight AU from aftermath of episodes 15 and 16, Tendou stays a member of ZECT for a little while longer. Cookies to those who spot the crossover.
Summary: Tendou Souji expresses his interest in Kagami through crossdressing. Kagami, not himself.

"Are you saying I look like a man?"

-all are posted to Insanejournal, Anonymous posting is turned on, as is OpenID.
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I arrive baring gifts!

Hey all! I'm new to this community. I've just started watching Kamen Rider this year, so I'm attempting to catch up. Kabuto was actually my second series of Kamen Rider to watch - Den-O being the first. I'm not going to deny that I was a little confused by the multiple plot twists, but I've pretty much figured each one out.

Of Kabuto, Tendou is defintely one of my favorite characters. My favorite pairings that include him are TendouKagami and TendouDaisuke (oh come on, tell me there weren't the slightest hints of the pairing!! *points to community's leader photo* Tell me you didn't see the pairing! I dare you!). I do see TendouYagaruma... if either of them were drunk or masochistic enough at the time.

Anyway... I come baring a gift of a music video! It's about the bond between Kagami and Tendou. The song title - when translated from Japanese - is actually "Bond" and it's from the J-Drama Gokusen 2, in which you actually see Hiro (Tendou) and Yuuki (Kagami) around a year before they became Kamen Riders. ^_^

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Kamen Rider Friending Meme~

Over here!

Honestly, a fandom like this one shouldn't have such a small fanbase. ;; At any rate, this is your chance to gather more people on your f'list who'll actually understand your Rider ramblings. |D; Have at!

This is also the only Kamen Rider-related community I'm in, since I'm new to the fandom, so please do crosspost this to others, if you don't mind~. ♡
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A question/ research for my next story.

Anou...I've actually wondered this since episode 32...but just how old was little Souji when his parents got killed?

a question that just occurred to me

Just remembered something I've been wondering about -- is there anyone fluent enough in Japanese who could answer this one: In KRK, bocchama Tsurugi a.k.a. Sasword keeps calling Misaki-san "Misakinu"... does it mean anything, or is it just another goofy-sounding neologism of his?

ETA: Big thanks for the replies! ^_^ I thought it didn't have any meaning as such, but wanted to make sure... you see, we've named our youngest dog Misakinu and even though the name is based on a joke, it's still nice to know if there is something in it or not. (I only realized afterwards that it could really be considered a pun of sorts: Misakinu - Misaki-inu)

I present...a fic. ^.^

Title: A Hand To Help You Up

Rating: PG for naked Kagami. (Though does that really count if it's non descriptive?)

Pairing: Slight slight TenKa. Probably no more than you see in the series but, yeah. You'll see.

This story is set between episode 22 and 23. I am a little frustrated with how they seem to present Kagami as a super-fast healing guy. It may not have been true, after all who knows how much time is in between each episode?  But Kagami was...full of holes, people! You don't jump into fighting Worm right after that, Gatack juice or not, without physical ramnifications. He probably heals a bit faster than normal people though. Like Tendou. Mr. I-have-a-giant-sting-on-my-arm-and-can-walk-away-without-going "AAAAAAGH" >.<

Any~way! Please comment and, if you seen any errors, don't feel you can't tell me about it. I had two betas for this, but I know things can slip through the cracks sometimes.

Music Video - The Sun and the Snapping Turtle
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I believe the title speaks for itself. :D

I have been making AMVs/MVs for a while now, but I haven't upgraded to using sub-removal tech... so I apologize for the subs, but I had them match the song's ideas as often as I could.

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