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au is always an option
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Title: New Paths
Pairing: Kagami/Tendou
Rating: PG-13
AN: This story is post-series and is slightly au, following on from What Makes a Heart (originally posted on sentai_ai) which deals with certain spoilers about what happens to Tsurugi at the end of the series.

New PathsCollapse )


Since there may be some newcomers along the way, I'll lj cut it so that they don't have to see spoilers if they don't want to. 

Hello! I'm new to Kabuto and my OTP of the series is Tendou/Kagami!

I was wondering if I was the only one who felt these two have had a "connection" from the beginning! And, if so, why you like these two together or why you think they are! ^.^  I haven't seen all the episodes yet, but I just started the 30's. I am also kind of desperate to find any sort of fandom with these two in it! >.<

So, why do you like the pairing, if you do? I like it because I think I see a little something going on, from Tendou's "embarassement" to Kagami's "passionate looks" XD

低燃費って何? CVTって何なの?

Much lulz will be had.

Uchiyama should have been Yasuka Saitou's role then it would have been Kabuto all over again.

... and if it was Hiroya Matsumoto, then it would have been Boys Love... or Air Gear the Musical....

Damn Tokusatsu is gay.
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Hello guys~! I've made Mizushima Hiro community. Please join~!



Hello I'm lokking for as many icons as possible preferably Tendou. Please help

Rukawa GF
Toy News!

Toy news for the fans!!!

They actually MADE TENDOU DOLL!!!

Tendou Souji Doll
By Medicome
Release: 2008 Feb

Dark kabuto Action doll
By Medicome
Release: 2008 Feb

EDIT: The clothes on the doll is cloth. You can take it off and put him on different clothes :P
(Tempted to make a wardrobe if I get the doll XD)

Preview Pic:

A LOT OF PICS INSIDE :P Only tendou picsCollapse )

anyone interested in Kabuto pics, they are at kamenrider since I didn't think you guys cared ^^;;

The Devil is a Woman
Obsidian [KageyamaxYaguruma]

This chapter is NC17. 

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The Devil is a Woman
Obsidian (KageyamaxYaguruma)

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The Devil is a Woman
Obsidian, Chapter Two [Kage/Yagu]

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