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Music Video - The Sun and the Snapping Turtle
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I believe the title speaks for itself. :D

I have been making AMVs/MVs for a while now, but I haven't upgraded to using sub-removal tech... so I apologize for the subs, but I had them match the song's ideas as often as I could.

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I know, right?! I mean, I'm a Tenka fan and even I was surprised at how often they look/talk/touch each other! XD They interact with each other more than other people interact in the series, I think!

Personally, I don't mind subtitles in a video, as long as you can make it work with the music/story you're conveying X3 And I think you did that here <3 Though, I guess it was helpful that these two can't seem to talk to each other without having a hint of "Labu Labu" XD

Hey, wow, this is really good! not to mention my favorite pairing in KRK, too! And you did a thoroughly great job with the subtitles, too. They don't disturb at all. ^_^

I'm glad you think so. I try to work WITH subs if I have no choice but to use them. :D

Wait, it's been removed :(

loooooooooong time ago sadly

I'm just running late :) I guess

I'm just running late :) I guess